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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Apr-2022Claire Redhead: The argument for open access to all scholarship has never been more relevantHulagabali, Santosh
2-May-2019Francis Jayakanth: Moderators of discussion groups have to be impartial in dealing with the members and their postingsHulagabali, Santosh
30-Dec-2020Ganga Dakshinamurti: A true researcher has to be information literateHulagabali, Santosh
Mar-2020Jake Orlowitz :Wikipedia is actually driving people to scholarly literature and therefore it is a top 10 referrer to all scholarly articles onlineHulagabali, Santosh
Mar-2018Jeffrey Beall: South Asia has a worldwide reputation for being a center of predatory publishingHulagabali, Santosh
18-Jul-2022Katharine Dunn: Open access is still viewed as a bold step—when it should be the normHulagabali, Santosh
20-Feb-2019Mehak Mirza Prabhu: I am no one to select my story, the story selects meHulagabali, Santosh
Dec-2020Muthu Madhan : ‘One nation one subscription’ is an elusive goalHulagabali, Santosh
Jan-2020Nagappa Bakkannanavar: Contribution to society improves our work efficiency and we can contribute to the organisation betterHulagabali, Santosh
Jun-2019Peter Suber: The largest obstacles to open access are unfamiliarity and misunderstanding of open access itselfHulagabali, Santosh
12-Jun-2023R David Lankes: Mission of libraries has to be improving society through facilitating knowledge creation in communitiesHulagabali, Santosh
21-Apr-2020Ramesh C. Gaur: Provide access to plagiarism detection software to researchers to use it as a research assisting tool than a fault finding toolHulagabali, Santosh
Jun-2020Sanjaya Mishra: Educational institutions need to become a producer of content and not just consumer of contentHulagabali, Santosh
Nov-2019Vasumathi Sriganesh: Medical professionals seem to still take literature searching and its accuracies to be a “nice to know” skill and not criticalHulagabali, Santosh