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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Alpha logarithm transformed fréchetdistribution: Properties and estimationDey, Sanku; Nassar, Mazen; Kumar, Devendra; Alaboud, Fahad
2020Inference on Exponentiated Power Lindley Distribution Based on Order Statistics with ApplicationKumar, Devendra
2022Inverse lindley power series distributions: anew compounding family and regressionmodel with censored dataKumar, Devendra; Dey, Sanku; Shakhatren, Mohammed.k.
2021Modeling engineering data using extended power-Lindley distribution: Properties and estimation methodsAl-Babtain, Abdulhakim A.; Kumar, Devendra; Gemeay, Ahmed M.; Dey, Sanku; Afify, Ahmed Z.
2018Moment Generating Functions of Complementary Exponential-Geometric Distribution Based on k-th Lower Record ValuesKumar, Devendra
2022Optimal test plan of Step-stress model of alpha power weibull lifetimes under progressively type-II censored samplesAlotaibi, Refah; Almetwally, Ehab M.; Kumar, Devendra; Rezk, Hoda
2020Power Generalized Weibull Distribution with Applications in Engineering and MedicineKumar, Devendra
2017Relations for Moments of Generalized Order Statistics from Extended Exponential DistributionKumar, Devendra
2017Relations for moments of progressively type –II right censored order statistics from Erlang truncated exponential distribution.Kumar, Devendra
2018Upper Record Values from Extended Exponential DistributionKumar, Devendra
2020The Weibull Marshall–Olkin Lindley distribution: properties and estimationKumar, Devendra