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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1954The Delivery of Books And Newspapers (Public Libraries) Act, 1954The Delivery of Books And Newspapers (Public Libraries) Act, 1954
1956The UGC Act, 1956UGC
1957The Copyright Act,1957The Gazette of India
1989The Haryana Public Libraries Act, 1989Haryana Government Gazette
1998Dynamic correlations in a charged Bose gasKumar, Tankeshwar
1998Towards a modern federal, construct in India: The Urgency of an Institutional response to the ideational turnSharma, Chanchal Kumar
2005The Right to Information Act, 2005The Gazette of India
Jul-2005The Federal Approach to Fiscal Decentralization: Conceptual Contours for Policy MakersSharma, Chanchal Kumar
Oct-2005Implementing VAT in India : Implications for federal politySharma, Chanchal Kumar
2006A Verification Approach for GALS Integration of Synchronous ComponentsGupta, R.K.
Jun-2006Albomycin Uptake via a Ferric Hydroxamate Transport System of Streptococcus pneumoniae R6Pramanik, Avijit
Jan-2008Emerging Dimensions of Decentralization Debate in the Age of GlobalizationSharma, Chanchal Kumar
2009The Central Universities Act, 2009Ministry of Law and Justice
2010Upward Mobility Vs. Ethical Values in Arvind Adiga’s The White Tiger & Upamanyu Chatterjee’s Way To Go.Rekha
2010Reforging a New World Order: Changing Dialectics in Toni Morrison’s the Bluest Eye and a Mercy.Suman
2010Minimalism in the Short Fiction of Raymond Carver.Poonam
2010Voice of the Voiceless: A Comparative Study of the Subaltern Characters in E. M. Forster's a Passage to India and Premchand's Goan: A Novel of Peasant India.Aggarwal, C.
2010The Politics of Home and Abroad in the Fiction of Uma Parameswaran.Jyoti
2010Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Stock Prices in India.Bajrang
2010Implementation of SGSY in Narnaul Block of Mahendergarh District: An Evaluative Study.Kumari, K.