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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20201,2,3-Triazole β-lactam conjugates as antimicrobial agentsKumar, Antresh
22-Dec-20192019 In Review: Research on ResearchHulagabali, Santosh C.
3-Mar-2022The 2019 Parliamentary elections in India: Democracy at a Crossroads?Sharma, Chanchal Kumar
2018The Academic Integrity Regulations, 2018-
Oct-2013Accountability in Governance through RTI Act: A Case Study of Bhiwani District in Haryana.Shilpa
2021Advanced strategies for development of vaccines against human bacterial pathogensYadav, Pooja
Dec-2021Advances in AISingh, Vivek
2021Advances in Probiotics for Sustainable Food and MedicineGoel, Gunjan; Kumar, Ashok
2022Aesculus indica: an updated review on its pharmacognosy, phytochemistry and pharmacological profileJangra, Ashok
Jun-2016Agricultural Productivity in Telangana and Haryana: A Comparative Analysis.Kumar, N. Praveen
Jun-2006Albomycin Uptake via a Ferric Hydroxamate Transport System of Streptococcus pneumoniae R6Pramanik, Avijit
2019Alpha logarithm transformed fréchetdistribution: Properties and estimationDey, Sanku; Nassar, Mazen; Kumar, Devendra; Alaboud, Fahad
2019AMI 2019Central University of Haryana
2015Anaerobic degradation of tannins in Acacia nilotica pods by Enterococcus faecalis in co-culture with ruminal microbiotaBeniwal, Vikash
2017Analysing the Structural Change and Growth Relationship in HaryanaRanga, Parveen
2022Analysis and Implementation of Robust Metaheuristic Algorithm to Extract Essential Parameters of Solar CellArandhakar, Sairaj
2018An Analysis of Income and Expenditure Pattern of Cultivators in HaryanaSingh, Mehtab
2020Analyzing the impact of temperature on exoplasmic fluid properties defining neuronal excitationSingh, Phool
2015Annual Report 2015-16Central University of Haryana
2016Annual Report 2016-17Central University of Haryana