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Title: Production, purification, and potential health applications of edible seeds’ bioactive peptides: A concise review
Authors: Samtiya, Mrinal
Acharya, Sovon
Pandey, Kush Kumar
Aluko, Rotimi E.
Udenigwe, Chibuike C.
Dhewa, Tejpal
Keywords: bioactive peptides; protein hydrolysates; health attributes; edible seeds; antihypertensive; anti-cancer
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Foods
Abstract: Edible seeds play a significant role in contributing essential nutritional needs and impart several health benefits to improve the quality of human life. Previous literature evidence has confirmed that edible seed proteins, their enzymatic hydrolysates, and bioactive peptides (BAPs) have proven and potential attributes to ameliorate numerous chronic disorders through the modulation of activities of several molecular markers. Edible seed-derived proteins and peptides have gained much interest from researchers worldwide as ingredients to formulate therapeutic functional foods and nutraceuticals. In this review, four main methods are discussed (enzymatic hydrolysis, gastrointestinal digestion, fermentation, and genetic engineering) that are used for the production of BAPs, including their purification and characterization. This article’s main aim is to provide current knowledge regarding several health-promoting properties of edible seed BAPs in terms of antihypertensive, anti-cancer, antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and hypoglycemic activities.
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