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Title: One‑pot microbial bioconversion of wheat bran ferulic acid to biovanillin
Authors: Sharma, Abha
Singh, Jyoti
Tomar, Govind singh
Singh, Surender
Grover, Minakshi
Nain, Lata
Keywords: Agroresidues · Streptomyces sp., Feruloyl-Co-A synthetase · Ferulic acid esterase
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: 3 Biotech
Abstract: Due to growing consumer preference towards natural ingredients in food products, the production of flavors by microbial biotransformation of agrowastes provides an eco-friendly, cost-effective and sustainable pathway for biovanillin production. In the present study, biovanillin was produced by microbial biotransformation of ferulic acid (FA) using Streptomyces sp. ssr-198. The strain was able to grow in glucose medium supplemented with 1 g/L FA and produce 20.91 ± 1.11 mg/L vanillin within 96 h, along with 5.78 ± 0.13 mg/L vanillic acid in 144 h. Estimation of enzymes involved in FA degradation detected maximum feruloyl-CoA synthetase activity (1.21 ± 0.03 U/mg protein) at 96 h and maximum vanillin dehydrogenase activity (0.31 ± 0.008 U/mg protein) at 168 h, with small amounts of ferulic acid esterase activity (0.13 ± 0.002 U/mg protein) in the fermentation medium. Further, the glucose deficient production medium supplemented with 3 g/L of ferulic acid when inoculated with Streptomyces sp. ssr-198 (6% wet weight) produced maximum vanillin (685 ± 20.11 mg/L) within 72 h at 37 °C under agitation (150 rpm) and declined thereafter. Furthermore, in a one-pot experiment, wherein crude ferulic acid esterase (700 IU/g of substrate) from Enterococcus lactis SR1 was added into 10% w/v wheat bran (natural source of ferulic acid) based medium and was inoculated with 1% w/v of Streptomyces sp. ssr-198 resulted in maximum vanillin production (1.02 ± 0.02 mg/g of substrate) within 60 h of incubation. The study provides an insight into synergistic effect of using FAE of E. lactis SR1 and Streptomyces sp. ssr-198 for bioproduction of biovanillin using agro residues.
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