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Title: Alpha logarithm transformed fréchetdistribution: Properties and estimation
Authors: Dey, Sanku
Nassar, Mazen
Kumar, Devendra
Alaboud, Fahad
Keywords: logarithm transformed distribution, hazard rate function, maximum likeli- hood estimation, asymptotic variance-covariance matrix.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Austrian Journal of Statistics
Abstract: In this paper, a new three-parameter distribution called the Alpha Logarithm Transformed Fr echet (ALTF) distribution is introduced which o ers a more exible distribution for modeling lifetime data. Various properties of the proposed distribu- tion, including explicit expressions for the quantiles, moments, incomplete moments, conditional moments, moment generating function R enyi and -entropies, stochastic ordering, stress-strength reliability and order statistics are derived. The new dis- tribution can have decreasing, reversed J-shaped and upside-down bathtub failure rate functions depending on its parameter values. The maximum likelihood method is used to estimate the distribution parameters. A simulation study is conducted to evaluate the performance of the maximum likelihood estimates. Finally, the pro- posed extended model is applied on real data sets and the results are given which illustrate the superior performance of the ALTF distribution compared to some other well-known distributions.
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