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Title: Hybrid energy efficient network using firefly algorithm, PR-PEGASIS and ADC-ANN in WSN
Authors: Kumar, Rakesh
Ali, Shokat
Keywords: WSN PR-PEGASIS Firefly ADC-ANN
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Sensors International
Abstract: Every wireless sensor network is threatened mainly due to Lifespan, Energy, Distortion, Security etc. Life time and energy are two major concerns of Wireless Sensor Network. The way Energy is utilized in the network will define how much the lifespan of a WSN is. To improve the lifespan of sensor nodes, the researches focus on the reduction of energy consumption rate of the nodes during the process of transmission and reception of data. The foremost emphasis of this research work is to project a distortion free wireless network with the help of appropriate Cluster head selecting through firefly algorithm. A grid-based clustering approach is used to select an appropriate CH from clusters of networks. The aim of selecting an appropriate CH is to reduce the energy consumption rate followed by swarm inspired optimization algorithm such as Firefly algorithm. After the selection of the CH, the route is form by using Proficient Routing based Power-Efficient Gathering in Sensor Information (PR-PEGASIS) hierarchical routing protocol. To face the distortion in the network due to battery discharge problem or from various other issue, Active Distortion Control Artificial Neural Network (ADC-ANN) is used to classify the optimal nodes within the route. At last, the comparison between existing work and proposed work is performed to determine the accuracy of the proposed work. This research emphases the best possible utilization of existing techniques and framed new algorithm to reduce the energy consumption of the WSN. The energy consumption rate up to 17.6% is reduced as compared to the existing work
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