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Title: Proficient exclusion of pesticide using humic acid-modified magnetite nanoparticles from aqueous solution
Authors: Jangra, Arti
Kumar, Jai
Singh, Devender
Kumar, Harish
Kumar, Parvin
Kumar, Suresh
Kumar, Ramesh
Keywords: adsorption, co-precipitation, magnetite nanoparticles, pesticide, surface modification
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Water Science and Technology
Abstract: Extensive dispersal of the pesticides to shield the different types of vegetation from pests has increased the production but at the same it has resulted into increase in environmental pollution. Consequently, it is necessary to eliminate these undesired pollutants from the environment. The current investigation offers the synthesis of humic acid-coated magnetite nanoparticles towards effective removal of the most common insecticide, imidacloprid from the aqueous solution using batch adsorption method. These synthesized nanoparticles were characterized with the help of several analytical and spectroscopic techniques. To acquire the maximum conceivable adsorption, effects of different influencing parameters like pH of the solution, time of contact, concentration of pesticide solution, amount of adsorbent and temperature were also examined. Moreover, the kinetic studies were found to be in good agreement with pseudo-second-order kinetic model supporting the occurrence of chemisorption phenomenon. Additionally, isotherm modeling proved that the adsorption process was in accordance with Langmuir model of isotherm. Thermodynamic parameters depicted the endothermic and spontaneous behavior of the adsorption process. Desorption studies were also carried out to examine the reusability of these nano-adsorbent. These verdicts confirmed that the surface modified magnetite nanoparticles may be treated as proficient material for exclusion of imidacloprid from the aqueous solution.
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