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Title: Optimal test plan of Step-stress model of alpha power weibull lifetimes under progressively type-II censored samples
Authors: Alotaibi, Refah
Almetwally, Ehab M.
Kumar, Devendra
Rezk, Hoda
Keywords: accelerated life testing; step-stress loading; progressively type-II censored samples; alpha power Weibull distribution; interval estimation; optimal design
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Symmetry
Abstract: In this study, the estimation of the unknown parameters of an alpha power Weibull (APW) distribution using the concept of an optimal strategy for the step-stress accelerated life testing (SSALT) is investigated from both classical and Bayesian viewpoints. We used progressive type-II censoring and accelerated life testing to reduce testing time and costs, and we used a cumulative exposure model to examine the impact of various stress levels. A log-linear relation between the scale parameter of the APW distribution and the stress model has been proposed. Maximum likelihood estimators for model parameters, as well as approximation and bootstrap confidence intervals (CIs), were calculated. Bayesian estimation of the parameter model was obtained under symmetric and asymmetric loss functions. An optimal test plan was created under typical operating conditions by minimizing the asymptotic variance (AV) of the percentile life. The simulation study is discussed to demonstrate the model’s optimality. In addition, real-world data are evaluated to demonstrate the model’s versatility.
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