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Title: Novel acetohydrazide pyrazolederivatives: Design, synthesis,characterization and antimicrobial activity
Authors: Kumar, Vinod
Keywords: Acetohydrazide pyrazoles, Antimicrobial activity
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Asian Journal of Chemistry
Abstract: Eleven acetohydrazide linked pyrazole derivatives were designed and synthesized via condensation of acetohyadrazide with different substituted formyl pyrazole derivatives under mild reaction conditions. Synthesized compounds were characterized on the basis of IR, NMR (1H & 13C) and mass spectrometry. The antimicrobial activities of all the compounds were screened against four bacterial and two fungal strains. Among the synthesized compounds, three compounds viz. 6b, 6c and 6d were found as efficient antimicrobial agents in reference to the standard drugs viz. ciprofloxacin and amphotericin-B. Further, structure-activity relationship (SAR) study revealed that electron-withdrawing group enhances the antimicrobial potential of synthesized derivatives as compared to other groups present in the ring. Hence, among compounds 6b-c, compound 6d could be explored further against other microbes to prove its vitality.
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